Discovering Christophe Adam’s Eclair Paradise in Tai Koo

There are lightning chasers – people who like getting close to extreme weather to capture images of lightning – and then there’s us… lightning devourers. Of course we’re not talking about the electrically charged ones. We’re talking about eclairs, the sinful finger-shaped pastry that means “flash of lightning” in French. We go in search of exquisite edible art, and we found a hidden gem in the most unexpected of places – Tai Koo.

Éclair – oblong-shaped pastry made from pate a choux (a light pastry dough), filled with cream and topped with icing – is possibly one of France’s best gifts to us. Chef Christophe Adam is another. Chef Christophe is the genius behind L’Éclair de Genie, the yellow éclair and chocolate paradise tucked in Tai Koo. Anyone with a sweet tooth will drool at the pictures of stunning artistic eclairs adorning the shop’s walls. Every single one of the eclairs they have on display looks too good to eat in all their glazed, glossy and gleaming gloriousness, inevitably driving you towards a gargantuan dilemma: should I take a photo of this beauty first or scarf it down at lightning speed? The struggle is real.

We were fortunate enough to have the chance to chat with the pastry extraordinaire himself, Chef Christophe, about his favorite things about Hong Kong and which éclair best represents him.

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