We Design Our Own Juice At Beesket

Sometimes when you hear a Juice Bar’s name you wonder where on earth it came from. And that’s certainly the case with Beesket. Not only an interesting and catchy name there’s actually a really cool meaning behind it which is reflected entirely in their amazing concept. Beesket, originally from Korea, is a combination of the words ‘bee’ and ‘basket’. Just as honeybees collect nectar flying from flower to flower to make honey, at Beesket you pick your favourite ingredients for your own drink and place them into a Beesket, which is a unique small basket. There is no fixed menu at Beesket, instead, you simply create your own beverage according to your own personal taste. And with over 5000 combinations to chose from you’re always going to have something delicious to try!

What’s more is that all the juices are prepared fresh that day and have no sugar or additives thrown in. Plus, once you receive your juice, your lovely server lets you know exactly how many calories you’ll be consuming making this a great choice if you’re trying to be more health conscience (hello New Year diet!).

We went along to Beesket, where we met the very smiley Satyajit who showed us how the concept works.

Fancy a juice? Of course, you do! Well, then it’s a good thing Beesket are 2 for 1 in your ENTERTAINER! Enjoy everyone!


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