Bottoms Up!

We all know London is pricey. Which is why we all light up and jump for joy when we see that blackboard outside our favourite boozer saying those two magic words we all love to read, ‘Happy Hour’. You skip happily into the bar, pull up a stool with a big grin on your face only to have a big dose of cold reality poured all over you as you realise with a sinking feeling that you are, in fact, 2 hours late for the offer. Nooooooooo.

But what if I told you this crushing disappointment is a thing of the past. Oh yes, that’s right people with the ENTERTAINER Cheers London you can now get buy one get one free drinks in over 400 restaurants and bars across London 7 days a week. You know what that means. You no longer have to wait until happy hour to enjoy your favourite tipple. Did someone say night out?

So, what are you waiting for! Download the Cheers London App today and start enjoying 2 for 1 offers on those well deserved G&T’s, smooth beers, fruity cocktails, bottles of your favourite plonk and many more drinks offers!


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