Weekend Ideas Series: Kwun Tong

If you’ve never been to Kwun Tong and the extent of your knowledge about it is that it’s a stop on the green line on the MTR, fret not. It was widely known as an industrial area after all, not exactly weekend escapade material. But the facelift it has gone through over the past few years will definitely entice you to jump on the MTR and get exploring.

Abandoned warehouses have become sanctuaries for musicians, artists and young entrepreneurs. We wouldn’t be surprised if this district once known as ‘Koon Fu Cheng’ or ‘Koon Tong’, named after the salt yards that used to occupy it, fast becomes your favorite weekend hangout.

Here are five reasons why:

Be a culture vulture

From colorful heritage-inspired graffiti to art galleries, music studios and a warehouse turned music livehouse, Kwun Tong is a treasure trove of inspiring music and art any culture vulture would want to sink his teeth into. Check out KaCaMa design lab for ingenious designs made from recycled daily waste like Styrofoam, cork and hangers, and learn more about seafood dining spot Lei Yue Mun’s history and culture at Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus, an abandoned school converted into a heritage and arts centre. Indie music lovers will find refuge in underground music venue Hidden Agenda.

Go architecture spotting

It’s probably best to warn your friends that you’ll be flooding their Instagram feeds with photos of stunning architecture after your visit to Kwun Tong. Where else can you find a modern 3-storey public pool complex with terracotta panels and angled roof planes? Or a waterfront promenade with rust-colored structures and a tower that symbolizes stacks of waste paper, reminiscent of the paper recycling businesses that used to occupy that space? Or a playground converted into an open-air culture and art gallery with pavilions made from freight containers? Hashtag Kwun Tong.

Eat: Fish & Chick Plus

Did all that art and architecture hunting make you hungry? Just look for the neon lights and the blue awning of Fish & Chick Plus and get ready to recuperate with crispy battered fish and thick malt vinegar-dipped chips or juicy slow-roasted chicken. Use the ENTERTAINER’s buy one get one free offers to sample their expanded menu that includes pasta and a seafood basket, in their Kwun Tong branch.

Adventure: PLAY Ski + Snowboard

For an action-packed Kwun Tong experience, check into Play and have some skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing fun! Not a fan of the slopes? Race against time on the formula one race simulator or bat away in the indoor softball and baseball batting cages. Have the ultimate adventure-filled day in Play using 2 for 1 offers from the ENTERTAINER.

Play: Azzita

You’re no Marty Mcfly yet, but you’ll be pretty close as soon as you step on a hoverboard in Azzita. Have a Back To The Future-themed hoverboard party with 13 of your friends in this 5000 sq ft facility. Beginners get a 10 minute tutorial from the experienced instructors, and after using buy one get one free sessions from the ENTERTAINER, you’ll be hovering happily in no time.

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