Be A Shameless Tourist In Your Own City

We all shake our heads in amusement at the tourists who flock to our beaches to play with penguins and climb our mountains in the moonlight. But they return home with completed bucket lists, sun-kissed skin and suitcases full of South African wine – and I think they’re doing Cape Town right. So, when last did you go full-tourist in our beautiful city?

Ride the Cape Wheel

If you’ve never taken a spin on this iconic V&A landmark, you’ve been missing out. Forty metres up, the spectacular 360-degree views are breathtaking – you can even see Robben Island and the Paarl mountains. (Plus, it’s not a bad way to take a breather from the shopaholic crowds).

Do yoga on a mountain

Yes, we know, Table Mountain is probably the biggest tourist trap of them all. But why not experience its beauty in a different way? In Motion SD offers guided hikes that end in a sweaty yoga sesh at the summit, and there’s no way the experience won’t make you feel grateful for living in Cape Town.

Tour the SAB Newlands Brewery

It’s the oldest brewery in South Africa. Obviously, you need to see it. The tour follows the journey from beer’s beginning as grain to its end as an ice cold pint in your hand – which you get to sip on in the brewery’s historic underground pub.

Dive with sharks

White Shark Projects is devoted to the conservation of great whites, and they offer mere mortals the chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent ocean predators. You will leave in awe of sharks, with a greater understanding of what we need to do to protect them.

Spot wildlife and sip wine

A game drive on a wine farm? Yup, it’s a thing. Villiera’s 220 hectares of land is a sanctuary for springbuck, giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, eland and more – and I love that they’ve planted 70,000 indigenous trees on the estate. PLUS IT INCLUDES WINE TASTING.

So why not skip that locals-only day at the market, and try something a little more mainstream this weekend? Check out the Entertainer for all of these bucket list activities, plus a whole lot more. It’s time to look at Cape Town through a tourist’s eyes and fall in love all over again.