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15 Ways To Travel With More Africa

If you’ve bought the Entertainer 2017 app on our early-bird special, you’ll know that it comes with More Africa for free (yay!). But what does this mean, exactly? Get ready for an epic year of travel across SA and beyond. As soon as the app goes live on the 3rd of Jan […]

Journey to Africa

Natural beauty, stunning beaches, and spectacular wildlife, are just a few reasons to visit Africa. I mean, once you’ve observed a pride of majestic lions roaming freely in Kruger National Park, you’re never the same again. If you do decide to go on that epic African adventure, here are 3 […]

11 Ways To Use Your Entertainer Before The End Of 2016

2016 is almost over. But there are still a few more weeks left to make the most of this year’s Entertainer! We’ve rounded up 11 ways you can use your 2016 app to save a little bit more this festive season. Because no one wants to break the bank just before Christmas. […]

The Entertainer 2017 Is Here

…And it’s better than ever. Whether you live in Jozi, Pretoria, Cape Town or Durbs, we’ve got you covered. Our 2017 range of products is packed with more merchants, more offers and more savings than ever before. So, are you ready to explore your city? (Danilo, Benike, Mark and Liezel are!) […]

4 Ways To Enjoy The Long Weekend In Cape Town

Well hey there, long weekend. Bring on the couch naps and wine-infused games of Monopoly. Except, you know, the weather is gorgeous and there are loads of events happening over the next few days. Why not save the board games for winter and head out to explore Cape Town instead? […]

Meet The Foodies: @Instaeatscapetown

If you haven’t bumped into Dean Horwitz and Francis Gersbach in Cape Town yet, you’re not eating out enough. @Instaeatscapetown was launched in 2015 as a feature page and has since become the go-to Insta account for all things delicious. Today, @Instaeatscapetown has over 25k followers, and Dean has expanded the […]

Your March Monthly Offers You Need To See!

How on earth is it March already? Seriously, wasn’t it Christmas only yesterday? However, the good thing about time moving so quickly is that there are another batch of brand new monthly offers in your purchased ENTERTAINER App product which you can take advantage of for the whole of this month. And […]

Everyone Meet Mr and Mrs Hue’s

This couple own a seriously nice blog. Think eye-catching photography, tempting home-made recipes, exotic holidays, and the best of what to do in Abu Dhabi. Timmes & Jules Hues, AKA ‘Mr and Mrs Hue’s‘ are one of our favourite blogging duos in Abu Dhabi. And we know that they’re about to […]

Meet London’s Newest Super Woman, Sade Giliberti

One of South Africa’s most loved TV personalities in the world of entertainment and fast becoming one of London’s, Sade Giliberti is quite the force to be reckoned with. Why? Because quite simply this lady does it all! Known for being in front of the camera on top series such […]