About James, The Editor Of the ENTERTAINER Hub Hong Kong

I’m James, a blogger from Hong Kong – one of the first approached to help spread the word when the ENTERTAINER launched here in 2014. It’s serendipitous to find myself today working within the company as its local Marketing Manager.

I love Hong Kong, my home these past 12 years. I came here originally to be part of the Grand Opening team of Hong Kong Disneyland, where I played the role of Captain Shang from ‘Mulan.’ I’ve had a colourful journey since then, from working for a Nordic restaurant to landing a dream job as head of the Marketing team in HK Magazine.

With the sunset of print media came yet another opportunity for personal evolution. I found yoga, and a dynamic digital company that’s as passionate as I am about food, travel, and soaking in as much out of life as possible.

Editing the Hub is a pleasure, thanks to my collaborators – intrepid videographer Andy Ma and writer L.A. Garcia, an adventure-seeking, pizza-loving, niece-obsessed social media addict.

I hope you enjoy the stories here as much as we relish creating them for you.