The Best Yoga Instagram Accounts In Dubai

With breathtaking backdrops, trendy sportswear and a whole host of bendy positions, yoga is well on its way to taking over Instagram.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, how-to videos, fashion advice or just some yoga fun, these Instagram accounts will make a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

#1 Jessica Olie – @jessicaolie

With her awe-inspiring poses, thoughtful life affirming quotes and gorgeous yogi wardrobe I can see why Jessica Olie has 245,000 followers on Instagram. Expect to see amazing videos which show graceful flows, beautiful inversions and the best legging collection around.

#2 Gemma Cheung – @gemma_cheung

If this girl doesn’t have you leaping out of bed in the morning and shaking the dust off your yoga mat then no one will. With jaw-dropping positions that demonstrate a huge amount of strength and flexibility, Gemma will show you just what your body is capable of.

#3 Michelle Qubrosi – @michelle_polefitdubai

You won’t just see yoga skills with Michelle’s account. Yes, you’ll see her impressive moves but you’ll also find her hanging upside down from aerial hoops, silk ribbons, hammocks, and just about any other surface. Make sure to follow for a graceful, effortless and breathtaking Instagram account.

#4 Abbey Bates –

Abbey will make your jaw hit the floor. That is the only way to describe her Instagram account. I constantly find myself scrolling and wondering how on earth she gets herself into those positions. She makes yoga look like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Mind blown.

#5 Diana Azavedo – @radiance_of_yoga

With stunning views of asana, beaches, and Dubai’s famous structures, Diana clearly loves not only yoga but also soaking in the joys of our outdoor surroundings. She’ll have you running straight to the beach so you can get that yoga session in before work.


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