Jozi Instagrammers That We LOVE To Follow

From the CBD to the suburbs and everything in between, these Instagrammers really are on the top of their game and give us a look at Joburg from completely different perspectives. Have a look at some of their work below and give them a follow on Instagram.


What does he #Instagram?

Portraits. Places. Weddings. You name it, Sheldon shoots it and brings it to life. Sheldon captures real life moments that many of us seem to miss. Follow him here see Jozi brought to life like you have never seen it before.

Fun to know:

Sheldon started working out as a digital illustrator at an agency…when he started taking pictures to steer away from stock imagery he discovered a new love, passion and career.


What does he #Instagram?

Less people, more places. Want to see the streets of Braam like you have never seem them before? Give him a follow. The angles he manages to identify and capture bring perspective that is often easily missed.

Fun to know:

His editing style varies from faded, washed out tones to striking high contrast black and white images and various techniques in between.


What do they #Instagram?

Quite literally, the streets of Joburg like you have never seen the before. The entire page is dedicated to the “Jozi in monochrome” and the “models” are the beautiful people occupying our city.


What does he #Instagram?

The peeps & streets of Jozi. He travels too and has a famous Instagram face popping up on his feed…See the next name on our list to find out who it is.

Fun to know:

He refers to Jozi as “infamous Johannesburg” and snaps his pics with a Nikon and an iPhone.


What does he #Instagram?

The world. Gareth started out in SA but his photography has taken him across the world. He captures imagery that blows the minds of his 271 000 followers.

Fun to know:

Gareth’s dream has always been to go up into space!

Do you have local blogger or photographer that you LOVE to follow?
Comment below with their names so that we can grow our list!