Look Cool and Go Green in Your Own Pair of Paper Shades

We’ve got the hottest tip to looking cool, and it’s all about going green. We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Paper Shades – a pioneering, Hong Kong homegrown brand of eye wear made with 100% sustainable materials.

With sibling entrepreneurs James and Madi Chu at the helm, Paper Shades blends remarkable design minus the luxury price tags. Their combined background in, and passion for design, engineering, free-hand illustration and wellness, have led to the brand’s creation.

“I’ve been working in design for over 10 years now, spending quite a bit of time in product development and production. It was never pleasant watching how much waste is created in the process and I wanted to create a product which was more sustainable for both the business model and practical use,” James shares.

Every eco-conscious pair comes protected with UV400 lenses as standard. Made from recycled paper and using non-toxic glues, Paper Shades can be dismantled during the recycling process without the need for complex recycling facilities. This ensures minimal impact on the environment.

“Friends have constantly lost their expensive sunglasses at events and Paper Shades allows them to look cool, be sun protected and party on without breaking the bank,” Madi quips.

“I’m not a designer, I’m a fitness & health enthusiast,” she continues. “I was inspired by my brother’s knowledge to turn a simple idea as a drawing into a functional sustainable product, which always had a story.”

Your Paper Shades comes packed into a clear, slim, protective, PVC pouch. Plastics can be a big environmental issue when misused, but we trust you’ll be smart, green warriors! Perfect for loose change, credit cards and cash, find inventive ways to upcycle this super practical pouch once it’s no longer protecting your shades.

Strut stylishly into the Year of the Rooster with massive savings. Get the ENTERTAINER 2017 with a $100 discount plus a pair of Paper Shades! Use promo code PAPERSHADES in your in-App cart upon checkout, to enjoy the discount and free gift with purchase. Hurry – limited time offer ends 31st January 2017!


James Gannaban