Unleashing Our Inner Beyoncé At Lucky Voice

Isn’t it funny how you can think you know someone really well. But let me tell you something. You don’t know anyone fully until you put them in front of a karaoke machine. Yep, that’s right. Those who you thought were shy and retiring are actually the first to grab the mic and belt out their favourite classic show tunes (I’m looking at you @katznkurlz) and then there are those that have actually got a pretty decent set of lungs on them (@ohitsjean I’m looking at you).

We wanted to throw a fun night for some of our blogger friends and we’d heard so much about newly opened Lucky Voice that we knew it would be the perfect place to throw our party. And goodness me it was so much fun and we were so well looked after! Drinks flowed, platters of naughty delicious delights appeared from the kitchen, and lots of laughs were had. Although we’re not going to lie we were a little embarrassed when we woke up this morning and remembered our Beyoncé dance routine that we performed for all of you who attended. What can we say, the music overtook us. 

Hannah from @hannahmagsayo, Lissy from @frugalityonfleek, Jean from @ohitsjean, Kris from @krisaudrick
Nada from @curlsandglowsofficial
Nairuz from @nairuzg, Homam from @homamino Mark from @markmyworldblog
@ohitsjean and @frugalityonfleek

A big thank you to our lovely blogger friends for putting up with our terrible singing, we enjoyed every minute of it. And thank you to Lucky Voice who were perfect hosts. Remember you can use your 2 for 1 offers with your Dubai Fine Dining on food (we’re going to try the Brunch next!) and lots of yummy beverages with your Cheers Dubai at Lucky Voice. Go on, unleash your Celine Dion. You know you want to…