Weekend Tips: Hurray, Payday Is Here!

Finally the last days of eating rice and tuna have passed, it’s payday! February is waving goodbye, and here’s March, making it rain (literally and in the money-bringing metaphor). It’s the ideal occasion to try something extra fancy during the weekend:

Get A Luxury Pamper At Linia Skin Clinic

Situated in prestigious Harley Street, the professionals at Linia provide a full range of dermatology and laser services as well as surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We specially recommend their laser removal sessions, the IPL Rejuvenation and the Hydra Peel Infusion, which is a total game-changer for exfoliation!

Ametsa: Basque Tradition With A Modern Flare

This one Michelin Star Basque restaurant is located at COMO The Halkin in London’s Belgravia! Their cuisine combines the earthy flavours of Basque gastronomy, with a super modern nouvelle-cuisine twist! The venue has been designed by Ab Rogers Design, who took inspiration from the raw aesthetic of the original Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain, which holds three Michelin-stars. A delightful experience altogether!

The Classiest Tipple at The Lanesborough’s Library Bar

Finish a day of pure indulgence with a cocktail at The Library Bar, in The Lanesborough Hotel! Elegant surroundings, and cocktails crafted to the ultimate detail! Their drinks list is enough to please anybody, but in case you can’t quite find what you want, they encourage you to “ask the team to create your favourite if you do not see it on the list”.

C’mon, ride the payday hype and treat yourself to these amazing places! Tell you what, the ENTERTAINER will take care of one half of your bill! You can’t say no to that!


Amanda Rosowski