Breakfast Heaven At Jones The Grocer With The Mothership

Prepare to ahh. Because you’re in for cuteness overload.

We’re always on the look out for a great place to eat a delicious breakfast with the kids. We want somewhere with an epic menu (one that will keep you and your little ones happy), a relaxed atmosphere where it’s ok to get the crayons out, and a place with just the right amount of buzz to conceal any frequent tantrums or meltdowns.

During our quest, we suddenly had a light bulb moment. We would ask our new friend Helen Farmer, AKA The Mothership for her advice on her favourite breakfast spot. Having lived in the Middle East for the past 10 years working in books, magazines, radio, and now online with her very own blog, plus having a young family consisting of the gorgeous Phoebe and brand new Tabitha, we knew she’d know the perfect place.

Enter Jones the Grocer. And after watching our video you’ll soon realise just why it’s one of her all time favourite restaurants. With a plate of creamy scrambled eggs on doorstep bread and fluffy pancakes with blueberry sauce, we were all in breakfast heaven… And a bit of a food coma after!

If you haven’t already make sure to check out Helen’s wonderful blog The Mothership for an honest and funny take on all things Dubai and motherhood.

Also, if you too fancy a slice of breakfast action this week then pop along to Jones the Grocer and enjoy your 2 for 1 offers on breakfast or a main course. Now that sounds like a lovely idea, don’t you think?