Cocktail Carousel With Mixologist Giusy Castaldo!

We found cocktail queen Giusy Castaldo while scrolling down Instagram, checking out one of the latest additions to the ENTERTAINER, Zenna Bar. From Zenna’s Instagram we jumped onto Giusy’s, and not only did we gaze upon amazing tipples, we found her enthusiasm and approach to life quite inspiring! (Also, she does a lot of mixes involving fire, and that’s badass)

So we arranged a meeting with her, to ask her a couple of questions:

Hi there Giusy! All good? Are you comfortable?

Hello, yes, thank you!

You work at Zenna Bar, the cocktail venue adjacent to The Red Fort. How long have you worked there?

Almost a year already.

And are you liking it? Is it the first cocktail bar you’ve worked?

I’m totally in love with it ! No, its no my first time in a cocktail bar, but it’s my first time properly studying mixology. 

What made you want to study mixology? Was it just an opportunity that came with the job?

To be honest, I always had passion for the bar. But coming here I had the opportunity to work with professionals and competent staff where I felt my same love ! I can definitely say they really introduced me this magic world by pushing me and helping be become better by living and breathing bar-tending! 

Right, and what is, at the moment, your favourite cocktail to make?

New Deli Sour. It’s a twist of New York Sour with fresh cardamon and red wine on top. It is my favorite cocktail to make because the design of the cocktail is very difficult to achieve but it’s also one of our most popular cocktail! Believe me, it takes a lot of skills to make lots of them, and have every single one looking perfect… 

It sounds amazing! I will have to try it! And what about your favourite cocktail to drink yourself?

Mmm hard to decide it… Maybe the Aviation! It’s a mix of gin, fresh lemon, maraschino liquor and Crème de Violette. Really simple but amazing!

I will definitely try that one too! One last question, Giusy, what other interests do you have?

Travelling (I just came back from Thailand) and home decor! When I’m shopping around nobody can stop me going into an interior design store, I can spend hours inside, especially here in London! When people see my room for the first time they can tell immediately! Actually at moment I’m designing my home bar! I definitely need one… 
If she’s as good in home decor as she is behind the bar, we may soon see Giusy in the cover of House and Garden! Make sure you try her amazing concoctions at Zenna Bar, now in the ENTERTAINER London app and Cheers London!


Amanda Rosowski