Your New Favourite Hangout: Ben’s Canteen

Imagine a place that smells like heaven. But what does heaven smell like I hear you ask? Bacon and doughnuts. Oh yes, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the most delicious smell on earth is either crispy bacon or freshly baked doughnuts and Ben’s Canteen delivers both in abundance.

Nestled within the quirky and cute neighbourhood of St John’s Hill this informal hangout is so homely you’ll want to set up permanent residence. Oh, and the food and drinks are pretty damn delicious too! So, expect great dinners, indulgent weekend brunches and cracking cocktails.

But can we just take a minute to tell you a bit about one their star desserts, the DIY Doughnuts? Warm and freshly fried mini doughnuts served with three syringes filled with the most heavenly custard, sweet strawberry jam and naughty chocolate sauce. Simply inject your doughnuts with your preferred filling (or a mixture of all 3!) and then stuff your face. Ummm hello! Pretty amazing, right?

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our video and see for yourselves! Then make your way over to Ben’s Canteen and try the DIY Doughnuts. Why would you not when you can enjoy a Buy One Get One Free offer in your ENTERTAINER until the end of May! Go on, ‘do-nut’ miss out on this one (see what I did there… round of applause please)!