Transport Yourself To Indochina With Banana Tree

Hands up, who’s been to Banana Tree? Yep, quite a lot of you seeing as Banana tree is one of the ENTERTAINER’s most visited restaurants.

We can see why! With delicious dishes from the Indochina region and a great atmosphere, Banana Tree is a great spot. We love the relaxed, cool, and sociable atmosphere, a sort of ‘industrial warehouse meets jungle’ vibe. If you’ve been you’ll know exactly what I mean (did you spot the apes hanging from the ceiling?), and if you haven’t been? Get yourselves down there sharpish and check it out!

Anther reason we love Banana Tree? They’re doing their bit for charity. They have been working with the Orangutan Appeal, a really great charity that preserves the environment of these endangered animals. So far Banana Tree has raised £14127.07 for the appeal, which is unbelievably amazing.

Get to know one of Banana Tree’s chefs, Somboon Tanachaisugit who is responsible for creating all of their delicious dishes and manager, Margus Kadak who will make your experience unbeatable.

Our advice? Grab all of your friends, order loads of dishes and dive in! Remember to use your 2 for 1 offers on main courses at Banana Tree using your ENTERTAINER!


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