Fright Fest at The London Bridge Experience

There’s a noticeable chill in the air. Your hairs involuntarily stand on end, a shiver runs down your spine, and you realise the date. It’s the 31st October. It’s Halloween!

We love everything about this fright night. The dressing up, the never-ending sweets, pumpkin carving, and scaring yourself senseless. So, we thought what better way to spend the day than at the London Bridge Experience.

We took one of our new favourite people, Mayah Camara along who came face to face with some scary characters who took her through 2000 years of gruesome history and told her all about the dark secrets of London Bridge. The aim? To scare the life out of her! Yep, we’re nice like that! And trust us, this is a historical/horror tour in which this reality is truly worse than any story book.

Check out our video to see Mayah jump out of skin… We love you really Mayah!

The London Bridge Experience is a must for adrenaline junkies and lovers of all things Halloween! Make sure to go along and use your 2 for 1 offers on an adult admission with your ENTERTAINER! Happy Halloween!