Hit The Waves And Get A Killer Workout With These Water Sports

Water sports are one of the best parts of the Dubai winter and even though you may not realise it at the time, these activities are putting you through one hell of a workout! Whether you’re paddleboarding, kitesurfing, or rowing the resistance of the water is building up those muscles of yours and you’re getting your heart pumping too. Add that to the fact that you can get out and make the most of the clear skies and you’re onto a real winner! So, in celebration of this, I’ve put together a whole host of water sports that are definitely more fun than your current treadmill regime. 

Surf House Dubai 

Location: Umm Suqeim

We’ve all seen the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Cindy Crawford looking effortlessly cool gliding around the shores of California on their paddleboard, but if you’ve been reluctant to give it a go because you’re sure you won’t be able to do it, then fear not! People with all body shapes, sizes and ages can have a go at this fun, full-body workout which incorporates a combination of balance, strength, core work and endurance. And luckily for us, we can have a slice of the Hollywood trend that is Paddleboarding with Surf House Dubai. Paddle around on the flat ocean surface, view the stunning distant horizons and enjoy the clear Arabian Gulf below you… Or fall in the water. How will it go for you?

Monty’s Rowing School 

Location: The Palm Jumeirah & Dubai Creek

A sure-fire way to get your arms, shoulders, and core working. Plus, it’s also one of the more calming sports to do, especially in the early mornings when the water is calm, the setting is peaceful, and everyone else is still at home enjoying a lie in! Once you learn the proper technique, rowing can offer a tremendous amount of physical health benefits, including increased power and strength. So, head along to Monty’s Rowing School who offer a One Hour Rowing Session at the Dubai Creek and The Palm Jumeirah for all ages and abilities.

Duco Maritime 

Location: Jumeirah

Who else has been to Kite Beach and looked longingly at the kitesurfers, just wishing you could have a go at whizzing past the shoreline. Kitesurfing is not only one cool sport but also a phenomenal exercise for your body and your mind. It’s perfect for working your core, toning up, gaining physical strength, and increasing your coordination and concentration. But before you start you’ll have to learn the basics to kitesurfing with an experienced instructor. So, pop and see Duco Maritime where one of their highly qualified instructors will give you an Introductory Kitesurfing Lesson.

Grom Squad Arabia

Location: Jumeirah

The best part about surfing is that it’s so fun that by the time you check your watch you realise you’ve already been surfing for hours, meaning you’ve been exercising for hours too! The health benefits of surfing are numerous. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise and also an intense upper body, lower body, and core workout. Make sure to hook up with Grom Squad Arabia where you can take to the seas with a Half Day Surfboard Rental!

Although the next one isn’t in the ENTERTAINER it’s too good not to mention!


Location: Fairmont The Palm

Riding your bike in water may sound very odd indeed but don’t knock it until you’ve tried this innovative exercise class called Aquaspin, available at the Fairmont The Palm. Not only will you get a cracking cardio workout but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this routine has zero impact on your joints as this fitness class harnesses the buoyancy of water, meaning you’re truly improving your health and well-being.

So, go on what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and work up a sweat! All of these offers (except Aquaspin) are in your ENTERTAINER! Working out has never been this fun!