Getting Our Sweat On At Bikram Yoga London

Bikram Yoga. Two words known to either intrigue your yogi mind or intimidate you so much that you retreat back to the safety of your boring treadmill. But for all those that are a little sceptical don’t run away just yet. Yes, you’ll be beyond sweaty (think big droplets dripping off your nose) and yes you may even have thoughts of making your grand escape half way through the class Houdini style. BUT, and there is a but (thank goodness!) you’ll be surprised at just how much you love it.

Before the class, we were a little (ok, very) worried that we were complete newbies to this class. But in hindsight, we shouldn’t have been. Situated in Canary Wharf, Bikram Yoga London offers a variety of Hot Yoga Classes with different levels of difficulty and heat degrees. Plus Beth, the lovely instructor, made us feel right at ease and paid special attention to us and every other student attending the class. She was so helpful and showed us how to get into the right postures (especially coming to our aid when we looked more like a newborn giraffe than Yoga professional) and created a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our video. It’s time to get sweaty!

Go on give Bikram Yoga London a visit. Yes you’ll get so hot even your eyeballs and ears will sweat but it will be so worth it. Just a small piece of humble advice. Don’t book a hot date straight after the class. Your hair will be so sweaty you’ll look like you’ve been for a swim in a lake, and it’s likely your face will be a shade of lobster for quite some time afterward. But, trust me, you’ll feel amazing, even more knowing that this studio is in your ENTERTAINER. Enjoy!