Workshop your Way to a New Skill

Workshop your way to a new skill | Ever feel the desire to learn something new, but don’t quite know where and how to start?

From lollipop making to pottery, we’ve come up with a guide consisting of 5 pursuits to intrigue and stimulate your creativity. Learning never stops. Let’s get those juices flowing!

Workshop your way to a new skill


This international candy shop, with outposts from Spain to Lebanon, is finally in Hong Kong. The handmade candies come in over over 15 fruity flavours, sold over the counter at the retail shop. From passion fruit to pineapple and lemon to lychee, you will certainly find a favourite – and you’ll even get the opportunity to learn how to make it, yourself. Get 50% Off 60Min Lollipop Making Experience for Two. Save $450.

Phoenix Tea

Chinese tea is a time-honoured tradition. And when an occasion calls to gift more than just regular tea bags, go to Phoenix Tea to introduce your palate to more premium variants such as Merrylong Big Red Robe rock tea, oolong tea and black tea. Imbibe historical tea culture ensconced in a quiet enclave amongst other tea lovers. Learn the do’s and don’t’s of serving tea. Proceed to enjoy every sip. Get 50% Off on Tea Courses or Experiences and save from $198 to $600.

As far as pottery workshops go, this one’s surprisingly large, airy and clean. The teachers are friendly, patient and give detailed instructions. Expect to try your hand at creating something useful, like a bowl, cup or plate. Your creation will even be glazed for you, ensuring you have a beautiful memento of your visit. Aprons are provided; all levels welcome. Save $518 on a buy one get one free 90Min Pottery Workshop.

sensory Coffee Workshop

Love coffee? Want to have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be able to make a cuppa like an award-winning barista? The workshop experience at sensory starts from ground zero. They take you along on a coffee bean’s journey before it finally becomes the brew we crave daily. Grab another coffee loving companion and get 50% Off on a Coffee Workshop for Two. Save $400.

ABC Cooking Studio

ABC Cooking Studio originated in Japan. It now has presence in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Southeast Asia. This perennial favourite amongst ENTERTAINER Ambassadors offers cooking, bread, cake, washoku and wagashi lessons for all ages and skill levels. Trial Lesson is buy one get one free. Save $280.

Curious?  Save money on trying a new workshop out. Get ENTERTAINER 2017 (original price HKD475), now available for the the mid-year price of HKD195. Use promo code HUBHK2017 in your in-App cart upon checkout.


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