Weekend Tips: A Few Of Your Favourite Things

Maybe the weekend seems too far away to make plans, but we do love organised fun at the ENTERTAINER. So here we’ve laid out some activities and foodie recs. Our theme this week is pretty much just about our favourite things in the world, so you better read on!

Chaplin VS Pennywise

We know. Clowns are a touchy subject. But with the London Clown Festival and the Covent Garden May Fayre happening, we felt rather inspired. The Clown Festival takes its influences from comedians like Chaplin and Keaton. Keep the limelight vibe by betting drinks in the London Cabaret Club!

For fans of the scary clown figure (yes, they do exist), get adrenaline soaring through your veins at the London Bridge Experience, a horror tour that wins over any haunted house you’ve ever been to. Their Circus Room won’t be forgotten easily…

Second Star to the Right, and Straight On Till Morning

London gets its own Neverland, right there in Fulham. And by Neverland we mean the closest magical environment for the everyday Englishman: an urban beach where you can bring your own booze. Beer is one of our favourite drinks, as you may know by now, so get your Buy One Get One Free from Beer.52. Take the whole crate with you!

If you’re worried about sand getting everywhere, the Jam Tree is your destination. Still magical, especially their cocktails. All the vibe, an none of the outdoor nuisances.


Which stands for Great Hampstead Bark Off, so less cakes, but more puppies! You can register your pupper, or just enjoy watching them being really really good boys. Patara is right around the corner, so take the leash off your wallet and treat yourself!

Rock On with Pink Floyd

The V&A celebrates Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary with a retrospective exhibit of their work, set pieces from The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, and more. Even a laser show! Practice your head-banging, it’s gonna be psychede-lit! Eyes and ears all sated, satisfy your other senses at Theo’s Simple Italian (at least your foodie senses).

Now, that’s a weekend to remember, and full of Buy One, Get One Free offers with the ENTERTAINER app and Cheers London! Until next week!


Amanda Rosowski