Hong Kong Living Treasures Part 1

Hong Kong Living Treasures

Being famous all over the world as a shopping mecca, home to a stunning skyline with towering skyscrapers and one of the world’s largest financial hubs, it’s easy to forget that our city is more than just a global metropolis. We’re also rich in culture and heritage.

What exactly are “Hong Kong living treasures”?

Peeking in between buildings are hundred-year old temples and rising above the threatening noise of car horns are the beautiful sounds of well-preserved icons of our heritage – what we’ll call “Hong Kong living treasures.” When we feel like slowing down and taking a break from the rat race, these are our favorite things to do.

Chinese Tea – LockCha Teahouse

With over 100 choices for Chinese tea and vegetarian dim sum made fresh daily, this traditional Canton-style teahouse is a tea lover’s paradise and the perfect introduction to the yum cha culture in Hong Kong. Immerse yourself in this tranquil respite located in Hong Kong Park, and sample their tasty dim sum with buy one get one free offers on your ENTERTAINER App.

Chinese Opera

Get ready for a show-stopping performance with this age-old craft. This art form combines elaborate costumes, stunning sets, intricate makeup, symbolic dance moves, a captivating Chinese legend and a very distinct falsetto singing style to produce a UNESCO-worthy show. Check out these theaters for regular Chinese opera performances: Ko Shan Theatre and New Wing, Yau Ma Tei Theatre and Sun Beam Theatre.

Petty Person Beating

You may have heard some slapping noises while walking around the Times Square area in Causeway Bay. No one’s having a very physical public fight, if that’s what you’re thinking. The noises are produced by old ladies who use their shoes to beat paper tigers that symbolize petty persons troubling their customers. This Chinese folk ritual is used by people who want to banish enemies from their life.

Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees

Hong Kong’s version of a wishing well, these banyan trees in Tai Po offer a fun way for villagers to make their wishes come true. Traditionally, people wrote their wishes on a piece of paper tied to an orange which they throw as high as they can into the trees. Nowadays, to prevent damaging the trees, people tie their wishes to wooden racks.

Horse Racing

This equestrian performance sport is a popular entertainment and gambling pastime in Hong Kong. There are nearly 700 races every season at the Happy Valley and Sha Tin racetracks. Make sure to experience “Happy Wednesdays” at the Happy Valley racecourse to enjoy fantastic bites and cheap drinks, while taking in the exciting atmosphere of the races.

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