Epic Fun in EpicLand

EpicLand | Who else has had enough of canceled beach, junk and hiking trips due to unexpected rain? Hong Kong, we love you but your erratic weather is driving us nuts! If you’re done with coming up with an “in case of rain” plan B every weekend as much as we are, have we got the perfect solution for you.


EpicLand on Discovery Bay’s North Plaza is Hong Kong’s largest indoor family entertainment center, with activities that cater to kids from the wee ones to the kids at heart – yes, you! The world of adventure is open to everyone and at 14,000 sq ft, this spacious playground has room for Asia’s largest indoor slides, trampolines, climbing walls for toddlers and bigger kids, mini golf area, sports courts, laser tag, interactive games, even party rooms to suit every occasion.

And it gets even more epic than that. EpicLand has an Epic Café serving light refreshments and snacks for Moms and Dads who just want to enjoy some peace and quiet while the kiddos are at play. We want in on the action, of course, so we went and conquered the adrenaline pumping air trek, the fast and furious rainbow slides, the family-friendly mini golf and the challenging climbing wall. Clean, safe and full of fun energy burners, can you think of a better hashtag for EpicLand than #EPIC?

Come pouring rain or blazing sunshine, the opportunities for epic and budget –friendly days await you in EpicLand with buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.

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James Gannaban
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