How Our KSA Super Heroes Choose To Save The Day!

As the weekend approaches, our heartbeats race to welcome Comic Con to KSA…for the second time! Also Known as Saudi Comic Con (SCC), it is the first event of its kind to be held in the Kingdom. The experience will be different and unique in the world of films, comics and anime, with various activities and celebrity appearances from the local and international entertainment scene. We expect it to be the sort of event that you won’t stop telling stories of for days to come.

In order to help celebrate such a unique event coming to the kingdom, we’ve asked our super heroes in our KSA ENTERTAINER office to release their inner geeks! They told us about their favourite super heroes, and what super power they would like to have and why.

And here is what they told us…

Nouran – Social Media Manager

My superhuman power would definitely be intangibility, which is the ability to walk through any kind of matter. So I would just walk up to platform 9 and ¾ (Harry Potter fans will relate) and smoothly walk through. That’s the dream, right?
If I can’t have that then it would be echolocation, which is the ability to locate items by resounding sound waves, like a bat. Which is cool since my favourite superhero is Batman. Maybe then, we could be buddies and he takes me for a ride in his bat-o-mobile?

Emad – Sales Executive

I’m a very passionate marketer so being Iron Man would be incredibly useful to me. Utilising his awesome cool suit and gadgets would give me super human strength. Automatically, this in turn will help be more productive to excel at my job. Of course, it will have some positive, amazing impact on my life style and will help me grow on a personal and career level.

Mohamed – Sales Executive

Growing up as a chubby guy has pros and cons! The cool thing about it is that no one will be able to mess with you in your neighborhood. I guess it’s no surprise that I always was fascinated by stories of The Hulk! Evil people will sense that am coming to destroy them. I will fight the bad guys and make their lives miserable.

Awis – Sales Executive

Thor always fascinated me! I think it has something to do with the fact that he is often described as an over-muscled, oafish imbecile, quite and compassionate. The combo between being big and strong yet kind and humble does it for me. I believe that we should have great strengths and power to fight the evil but also we should practice kindness towards those who deserve it. In my eyes, he is the perfect hero as he would never, ever stop fighting for a worthwhile cause. I don’t mind having his Mjolnir hammer to crack the big merchants as well!

Junaid – Country Manager

I grew up following Captain America. His leadership, charisma and dedication to do right things has cast a spell on me. Upon becoming Cap, I would firstly go and break all athletic world records. I’ll ensure these powers contribute to my growth on a personal and professional level. Accordingly, my age would be halted and of course I’ll be immune to fatigue. This will enable me to utilise all 24 hours of the day – oh, what a dream! But in all honesty, this isn’t far from the truth. I am already leading a great team of super heroes anyway in real life!

We said this, Inside all of us is a superhero that is waiting to come out at the right time. Dream big, dream small, you are your own superhero! And remember “I am loyal to nothing except the dreams”- Captain America.