Doggy’s Day Out

Dog Friendly Spots in HK | They welcome us home after a hard day’s work. They keep us company so we don’t have to run or hike alone. They’ve had to take the blame for supposedly eating our non-existent homework. They love us unconditionally and follow our commands without talking back (well, most of the time). They are our best paw pals and they deserve nothing less than quality ‘doggy & me’ time with us.

But even though we live in a city full of pet lovers, we know it can be a challenge to find dog-friendly places with the limited space that our city allows. We want you to spend more time with your pups and less time searching and asking around for tips on where you can go with your pooches. So we scoured the territory to come up with our guide to having an awesome doggy’s day out.

Top 5 Dog Friendly Spots in HK


Scurry over to the Southern District with your furry friend to practice your doggy paddle along Stanley’s back beach. Once you’re all paddled out and ready for a bite, go for a stroll along the promenade in Stanley Plaza and have lunch in one of the dog-friendly restaurants with your bestie chilling beside you.

Cyberport Waterfront Park

Ah, space! Both you and your paw pal can run freely in the huge expanse that this park behind the Cyberport Arcade offers. “Dog friendly” takes on new meaning here. Let your canine make some new friends as you exchange pet care tips with other dog lovers. Have a picnic on the grass as you enjoy stunning views of the harbour.

The Peak

Next time you take your doggie out for a walk, take the Morning Trail up to the Peak for a bit of outdoor exercise. Once you reach the top, reward yourself and your pooch with some icy treats and a round of appaws. Walk a little further up Mount Austin Road until you reach Victoria Peak Garden where you can take a break and relax.

Sai Kung

Come to the bark side that is Sai Kung and step into a true pup’s paradise. This dog friendly district offers loads of delights. Take a walk on the pier with your four-legged friend. Check out the amazing seafood in the small boats on the water. And if you’re up for a little excursion, take a ferry to Sharp Island where you can play fetch on the beach with your dog.

Fluffy Little Things

1st Level, 21 Wood Road, Wan Chai
It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so you and your furry friend deserve some peace and quiet from time to time. Give your pooch some pampering with a spa treatment and grooming fit for a princess, using 50% offers on your Entertainer app, as you paws and reflect on your savings over a great cup of coffee.



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