Weekend Tip: Play Bubble Football!

Ever wondered what it feels like to run, kick and smash to a goal in a neon bubble suit? I never did, either, until my colleagues and I checked out what bubble football really is all about…

Playing bubble football in Sfalo

6th Level, Grande Building, 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

A while back, we featured the growing popularity of recreational warehouses. Sfalo is one such place – an entire floor of recreational paradise where before, an industrial warehouse once stood. The main attraction here is bubble football, although sections of the outlet are also dedicated to retail sportswear and multi-purpose events.

Bubble football is just football with a crazy twist. Each player crawls inside a giant inflatable zorb-like plastic bubble. From there, it follows the same objectives and overall rules as regular football.

At Sfalo, we were first given protective knee pads. This is because bubble-to-bubble impact can be quite intense! We did try to score goals in the beginning. But eventually, we found it more fun to simply ram into each other and foil each other’s efforts to get up by ramming into anyone who tries, all over again.

It’s a silly way to get physical with friends, whilst avoiding being actually violent. Surprisingly, it’s good cardio, too. Imagine lifting a huge bubble suit, falling down and getting up with it multiple times. It’s not easy!

If you’re looking for an offbeat, new activity to do over the weekend, give Sfalo a try. A 60-minute bubble football session is buy one get one free on the ENTERTAINER.

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James Gannaban
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