Bad Day? the ENTERTAINER Relax Special

It all started when you ran for the shower and stood on the hair dryer plug. Then your flat-white malfunctioned in a meeting, dousing a key stakeholder with skinny micro-bubbles. And finally – the glacé cherry on top of this garbage gateau of a day – some dear colleague blurts out how Line of Duty ended! You could spit (but standing in a crowded lift, mercifully you don’t).

Instead, you browse the ENTERTAINER on the bus home and contemplate ways to make your shoulders relax; not to mention, softening those homicidal thoughts about plugs, coffee shops and Marcus from HR.

Ah, feeling better already…

First stop might be a smart little spa inside the Barbican City Hotel called Health Aroma, complete with jacuzzi, steam and pool. Why? Because it’s super-friendly with lovely treatments to iron out every crease. And remember chaps, their legendary scalp massages are not just for ladies!

Others requiring a bit more bend and burn might favour Bikram Yoga at Canary Wharf, where sweating out the stress at 40 degrees, Ashtanga style will leave you seriously discombobulated (but in a good way).

If Urban Krav Maga sounds a bit fierce, it can be. Here you learn targeted self-defence, one-to-one for real life scenarios (think Marcus from HR). Drawing on a variety of martial arts, UKM is great for boosting self-confidence!

But if you just need some quality time with your significant other to soothe your pains, how about Jazz and Blues Nights at Boisdale? Put on your dancing shoes and drizzle some high class scotch onto your evening and, who knows, maybe your night? Nobody can resist a little bit of soul…

We know, it’s a lot easier to fix your day and your colleague’s with a lil’ help from the ENTERTAINER’s Buy One Get One Free! So leave it to us, relax and forget about anything else…


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