Jet Away With These Travel Instagram Accounts

If you’re in desperate need of a holiday or the daily grind is getting too much for you, then take a minute to jet away with these travel Instagram accounts based in Dubai. They are sure to provide the best eye-candy and wanderlust inspiration for all of your upcoming travel exploits.

Mohd Ahli – @mohdaahli

Take a sneak peek into this photographer’s many vacations across the globe. Mohd’s images are simply breathtaking, in fact they’re so good they almost don’t look real. An account to truly appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

Jeff and Ann – @whatdoesntsuck

This couple do exactly what it says on the tin… They show you exactly what doesn’t suck in life! Follow them as they explore Dubai, try their hand at many adrenaline fueled activities, travel the world, and publish the best no-nonsense travel tips, articles, video reviews and more.

Michelle Karam – @traveljunkiediary

An Instagram account full of turquoise seas, palm trees, and a big dose of peace and serenity. Michelle will transport you to a world most of us can only dream of. Everything about her account, from the colours, the light, and the activities will have you leaping up from your desk job and booking that overdue holiday.

Chris and Diana – @healthynomads

A couple clearly making the most of Dubai’s location in the world, the Healthy Nomads really know how to get the most out of life. They love sharing little snapshots of all the adventures they get up to. Just make sure to mentally prepare yourself for a serious case of wanderlust!

Lizette – @lizettepitout

Whether you love Dubai’s great monuments, vast landscapes, inky blue seas or skies, Lizette has you sorted. A gorgeous account full of postcard perfect shots which will leave you asking one question. Where’s my passport?

Mitch and Thuymi – @adventurefaktory

Adventure Faktory always seem to be jetting off to a new destination. And for two people that have full-time jobs that isn’t bad going! They’ll make you grab your rucksack and hail a taxi straight to the airport. The objective? A one-way ticket to anywhere.


We sometimes forget just how fantastic Dubai really is. If you need to be reminded then check at @mydubai for insane shots of Dubai’s top spots, jaw-dropping architecture, and gorgeous sunsets.

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