Play Dress Up With These Fashion Instagram Accounts

With the rise of food and yoga pictures on Instagram, there’s a group of people who have remained ahead of the pack, the fashion blogger. These fashionistas have been catapulted to the very top of the style charts with their effortlessly chic outfits and stunning photos which they display for us all to envy on Instagram. Here in Dubai, we have some of the best, so here’s my round-up of the top fashion Instagram accounts you have to follow!

#1 Nadya Hasan – @thefierce_nay

A UAE national who lives and breathes fashion, Nadya has gained a faithful following of over 139 thousand followers on Instagram! Known best for mixing both high street and high-end brands to create elegant and luxury looks, Nadya will have you heading straight to Dubai Mall to purchase everything she wears.

#2 Natalia Shustove – @shoestova_

With a wardrobe which is almost dream-like and her idyllic looking life, Natalia is Dubai’s very own Carrie Bradshaw. She clearly has a lot of fun when it comes to fashion and dressing up, but she also has a well-trained eye which helps her create spectacular high fashion looks usually reserved for the catwalk.

#3 Jen & Kate @dubaideserttwins

You get a double fashion hit with the Dubai Desert twins. Jen and Kate bring different senses of fashion to their Instagram feed but both have down to earth styles for everyday life. Think cut-off dungarees, printed tea dresses, and floaty cover ups. Follow for images which capture a fun relaxed fashion vibe and your favourite Dubai spots.

#4 Sai @thesandgypsy

Sai is the one to follow for classy yet trendy outfits and an accessory collection which will have you shouting ‘my precious’ in a Golam from Lord Of The Rings style voice. Sai is always impeccable and will have you scrolling through her Instagram feed for hours, as well as booking in for that blow-dry twice weekly.

#5 Milli Midwood – @millimidwood

Milli is one busy lady. How she manages to juggle being a fashion stylist, blogger, photographer, and editor all whilst maintaining a social life most of us can only dream about is beyond me. She is certainly someone who makes the most of life! You can get to know Milli a little better by watching our video interview with her here!

#6 Tala Samman – @myfashdiary

Tala was the vert first person to create a blog in the UAE back in 2009. Born in Chicago, originally Syrian but growing up in Dubai, The London College of Fashion graduate brings an eclectic range of fashion, lifestyle, travel pics. and more. She’s also a DJ at some of Dubai’s hottest venues so keep an eye out for her on your Friday night!



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