Life Hacks Which Will Change How You Live In Dubai Forever

Wouldn’t it be great if Dubai came with a handbook? A helpful guide with a few useful tips that would make life in Dubai that little bit easier.

For that reason, I’ve been busy putting together a little list of Dubai hacks that will change the way you do things… Forever!

Shop at markets

I bet you all remember the first time you did your first official food shop in Dubai. The feeling of pure shock and horror when you worked out just how much your bill had mounted up to. Food shopping in Dubai is expensive but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to venture a little further than your usual supermarket. The best markets around are the Aweer fruit and veg market and the Deira fish market which will get you the crème de la crème of produce at reasonable prices.


The immigration queues at Dubai airport can be frightfully long. So, if you’re a resident of Dubai then invest in an e-gate card. Instead of waiting in line to get your passport checked, simply head to the eGate, swipe your card, touch the panel to match your fingerprint, and viola you’re through! Or even better, if you’re a resident you can now use your Emirates ID card instead of your passport at the e-gates in Dubai airport, terminal three.


If you have friends or family visiting then use the Marhaba service at the airport to fast-track them through all of the airport formalities. Trust me they’ll be grateful after their flight and you’ll be grateful that you haven’t had to stump up an expensive parking charge.

marhaba service dubai

Click on Visit Dubai

There are so many events going on in Dubai and yet sometimes you can find yourself at a loss as to what to do. To avoid disappointment make sure you check out visit Dubai for an up to date listing of the events going on in Dubai. There’s no excuse to not plan those precious weekends!

Shop on a Friday

Dubai is a ghost town first thing on a Friday morning, so if you hate crowds then head to the shops at this time. Not only will the roads be quieter but the shopping aisles will be too. Meaning no trolleys in the back of your ankles! Bliss.

Dubai Life Hack: shop on a friday morning for a peaceful experience

Exercise outdoors

There’s really no need to pay for an expensive gym membership as we have so many public outdoor spaces just waiting to be used. Go for a run along the beach, take advantage of the free gym equipment at JBR, or set up your own circuit training in the countless parks in Dubai. Plus, the brand new running track along the palm is due to open this year meaning there’s no excuse not to get out there!

Download the Careem App

It may seem easy to just flag a taxi down in Dubai but surprisingly, depending on what time of day it is, it can take a while. And in this heat, even a few minutes can be horrendous. So, download the Careem app and you can order a car from the comfort of indoors. Plus Careem are now in the ENTERTAINER so you can get a free ride. Bonus!

Call a mobile beauty salon

With long working hours, a never-ending list of errands, and running around after the kids, life can sometimes seem too hectic to fit in luxuries like getting your nails and hair done. But what if you could save time and have the salon come to you? That’s precisely what Belle Femme will do. They will transform your home into a temporary beauty centre meaning you can relax and enjoy treatments from the comfort of your own home!.

Keep your receipts

If your wallet is bursting at the seams then just remember to have a good look at your receipts before ditching them. Why? Because they have deals on the reverse!

Dubai life hack: make sure you keep all of your receipts as they have deals on the back

And Lastly… Buy the ENTERTAINER!

Ok so I may seem just a tiny bit biased with this one but honestly, the ENTERTAINER will save you a heap of money. With so many buy one get one free deals on activities, restaurants, beauty, holidays, and much more you can really get out there and enjoy yourself!



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