Quick And Easy Ways To Look And Feel Better

Competition is fierce in this world-class city so keeping up sometimes requires sleepless nights working in the office, skipping meals and being neck deep in stress and pressure, and before you know it, the bags under your eyes are the size of a Birkin. So before you have a Britney Spears-like meltdown at your desk, pamper yourself and consider these quick and easy ways to look and feel better, using buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.

LUXE Beauty & Nail

Visit LUXE Beauty & Nail to upgrade your mani and glamorise your nails. Indulge in a royal treatment as your nails get pampered with the most famous brands from the USA, Japan and Korea. Tapping away at your keyboard has never been this pretty!

L for Lashes

L for lush! Draw attention to your peepers with pumped up lashes by L for Lashes. As Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the window to the soul” so treat yourself to luxurious Bardot-esque lashes.

The Smile Bar

Your smile is your best accessory and the experts are here to help you show it off. With innovative teeth whitening treatments, you’ll get pearly white teeth you’ll be proud to flash at anyone. Boost your confidence and brighten your smile at the Smile Bar.

Essensuals Hairdressing

Add some colour in your life starting from your lovely locks! Get expert advice from hair specialists on what colour suits you and your lifestyle and how to maintain healthy, beautiful, bouncy hair. Get ready to flip your runway-ready hair!

Nu Waxing Workshop

Okay, so maybe getting hair plucked from your skin is not the first thing you think of when you want to feel better, but a bit of pain is worth the silky smooth skin you’ll be getting with Nu Waxing Workshop’s signature Brazilian. Feel sexy instantly with soft, hairless skin.

Looking and feeling more beautiful – for less! – has never been easier, with your ENTERTAINER App!

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