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The Scoop DXB. The perfect way to sum up this lady.

I’m sure every day when you’re out and about in Dubai you too are overwhelmed with the amount of things to do here. That’s exactly how Dana felt and so, decided to share her different experiences at various places to try and make your planning, decision-making, and life a little easier. For that, we are eternally grateful! Here she is telling us a bit about herself.

Hi Dana, it’s nice to meet you! How would you describe yourself in three words?

I’m an optimist. I truly believe in the power of positivity and kindness. When I asked my husband for two other words he said loving and adventurous.

How would you describe Dubai in three words?

Mind blowing, inspiring, and a role model.

What do you love the most about Dubai?

Dubai is home to me. There’s no place in the world I’d rather be. It’s a vibrant, inspiring city where dreams truly come to life. If you work hard enough then the possibilities of what you can achieve here are endless.

We can see that you really make the most out of your life here in Dubai. What are your favourite hobbies?

I love sports, especially basketball, tennis, and wakeboarding. I also enjoy discovering hidden gems and new things to do and try – hence the creation of “The Scoop DXB”. I do all that I can to avoid living a routine life, and love supporting home-grown businesses and initiatives.

We know you love to be active. What is your favourite exercise class?

I’ve been hooked on Physique 57’s Barre Classes for years now. Ever since they hosted their first class in Ductac Mall of the Emirates, way before they opened their first studio in City Walk. Their classes offer a full-body workout and I love the results.

Tell us about your favourite memory in Dubai.

This one’s an easy one. Meeting my husband in Dubai. It was the last thing I expected when I came here on a month-long job-hunting spree back in 2010. Immediately after writing my last final in university, I jumped on a plane from Toronto straight to Dubai, determined to find a job. Six years later, I’m married to my best friend, the handsome and charming man I met through friends at a birthday party. I’m also still ‘married’ to the FMCG company I kicked off my career with in the summer of 2010.

Where is your favourite restaurant in Dubai?

My favourite restaurant is Fume, a casual homegrown eatery in Pier 7 Dubai Marina and Manzil Downtown. I practically live there! Everything from their wholesome menu to their industrial and vintage interiors makes you feel right at home. Breakfast is a must on the weekend, I recommend their Organic Cheddar Eggs, Beach Board, Homemade Granola, and Lotus Pancakes. Their Desserts are the best in town! Fume is my go-to spot to satisfy my sweet tooth. My favourites include the Bro-nut Monstershake, Donut Cone Soft Serve Ice Cream, Date and Banana Pudding Cake, and the Chocolate Brownie.

Where is your favourite place you’ve visited in the world?

I think each city and country has its own charm. But my husband and I both love Italy and London.

What are your tips for a new blogger?

Be true to yourself and your audience. It’s easy to get carried away on social media by posting every press release you receive, paying for followers, or even creating an illusion of what your life encompasses. Don’t let social media run your life, but rather let it be a reflection of your genuine personality, interests, and passions.

How about your photography tips?

The majority of pictures I share are taken with my iPhone. Good lighting is key. I also recommend investing in a camera, one that’s not a hassle to carry around. My favourite is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. You can instantly share photos via email or social media with a Wi-Fi connection.

And of course, we have to ask you where your favourite place to use your ENTERTAINER is?

Again Fume!

We love your Instagram account but who are your favourite Instagrammers to follow?

@sweettalk_dxb: For the Best Desserts in town! @traveljunkiediary for travel inspiration, @hannahrasekh_official for fashion and beauty inspiration, @thecarton for food culture in the Middle East, and @akercooks for food recipes.

Lastly, challenge someone to be interviewed next by us.

I challenge @traveljunkiediary.

Thank you, Dana, for this interview, it was great to get to know a bit more about you! Remember to check out Dana’s blog and Instagram account!



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