Meet The Incredible Vlada from Pole Fit Dubai

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Pole Fit Dubai.

One of the fastest growing fitness classes in Dubai, Pole Fit Dubai has become quite the craze. I went along to get to know the incredible and inspiration Vlada, one of the co-owners behind the sensation that is Pole Fit Dubai.

Hi Vlada, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Hardworking, genuine and loyal.

How did you start Pole Fit Dubai?

I originally came to Dubai from Russia to work in tourism but soon discovered there wasn’t anywhere I could practice pole fitness. So, I ordered a pole online and installed it in my house where a few of my friends asked if I would teach them. Suddenly more and more people started to join so I rented a space in a studio. Then it just spiralled! My lessons got so popular I decided to open my own studio, Pole Fit Dubai in 2014, which I now co-own with my good friend Michelle.

We met Vlada from Pole Fit Dubai

Can anyone learn to pole?

Yes! Absolutely! No matter your flexibility or fitness levels anyone can give pole fitness a try. In fact, I had average flexibility when I started but you will see improvements every day you practice. In 6 months you’ll be able to do things you never thought possible!

Is pole fitness a good work out?

Yes, it’s one of the best as it’s a full body workout as every muscle is engaged. It’s a brilliant way to train your core, improve your coordination, upper body strength, and flexibility. There’s also no limit to pole fitness so you can keep improving even when you’re at the top of your game.

We went along to meet Vlada from Pole Fit Dubai

What to do you enjoy other than pole fitness?

I love to travel! I’ve been so busy the last few years setting up Pole Fit Dubai that I’m just finding the time to travel. I’m off to New York soon, and of course, I’ve already booked into one of the top pole fitness classes there. Oh, and I love house music! I’ve just got back from the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium.

Describe your favourite memory in Dubai.

I have lots of beautiful memories from living in Dubai, but I guess my favourite is the day the studio opened its doors. It was a dream come true and I couldn’t have been prouder.

Vlada Pole Fit Dubai

Who are your pole fitness idols?

Honestly, there are so many but the people who inspire me the most are my students. Watching them improve and light up when they get a move right is a huge compliment for me.

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

I follow hundreds of pole athletes, aerialists and yogis around the world that are unique and beautiful in their own way. My favourites are @phoenixkazree, @polecricket, and @bendy_kate.

Meet Vlada, the co-owner of Pole Fit Dubai

Challenge your favourite Dubai Instagrammer to be interviewed by us.

I challenge @styledrifter who is not only an amazing stylist but my dearest friend.

A big thank you to Vlada for answering these questions. Make sure you pay Pole Fit Dubai a visit where you can use your 2 for 1 offers with the ENTERTAINER Body on the following classes: Pole Fitness, Aerial Silk, and a stretching class. Also, check out Vlada’s Instagram account for unbelievable sequences and behind the scenes action from Pole Fit Dubai.



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