Everyone Meet Mr and Mrs Hue’s

This couple own a seriously nice blog. Think eye-catching photography, tempting home-made recipes, exotic holidays, and the best of what to do in Abu Dhabi. Timmes & Jules Hues, AKA ‘Mr and Mrs Hue’s‘ are one of our favourite blogging duos in Abu Dhabi. And we know that they’re about to be yours too. Grab a cuppa, get cosy and get to know this lovely pair a little more.

Hi Jules and Timmes, how long have you been in Abu Dhabi for?

We’ve been in Abu Dhabi for the past year now and we’re totally in love. Jules lived here previously in 2009 for a year and is very happy to be back. For Tim, it’s a new experience as he has never lived abroad, he did, however, travel the world for business. So, it’s great to take this journey together and enjoy our time living here.

What do you love most about living in the Middle East?

We love the local hospitality and the mixture of cultures in the region. People from so many different countries and different religions live together in peace and harmony and have a lot of respect for one another. Where else in the world do you get this?! Another great thing is that the Middle East is so well connected to Asia and the rest of the world which makes it easy for us to travel to so many lovely destinations.

You must miss home, though? What do you miss the most?

Meat and Sausages! We are typical Germans when it comes to food and we really miss the meat from our local butcher next door and our Grandma’s food. But also the greenery—Germany is a very green country with lots of forests and hills etc. But we definitely do not miss the rain!

What’s your advice for other expats?

Never forget your sunglasses if you live in the UAE. Always remember why you moved to a different country, especially in hard times when it’s tough—we have all faced this! It’s a great journey and an experience no one in the world can ever take away from you!

I can see you love to travel. Your photos often make me have itchy feet! Where has been your most memorable holiday so far?

We’ve travelled to lots of exotic countries during the last few years, like the Maldives, Zanzibar, Thailand, and the Seychelles etc. However, we are totally in love with Tuscany, Italy. We went on a road trip through Italy’s rural areas including Florence and Siena which we loved. Especially the great people, their hospitality and the yummy food. It was absolutely amazing!

So, what’s on your travel bucket list for 2017?

The list for 2017 is truly packed! We’ll travel to South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Jordan, Vietnam, Nepal, Bali and Iceland which we’re super excited about! If any of you have any nice insider tips for us then please let us know.

I can see you love to cook! What is your favourite recipe of yours?

Basically,  all of them are kind of our favourite but one recipe which is a  little different and a real winner are our Quinoa Sweet Potato Pancakes. They’re healthy and super rich in flavours. Never tried it? Now is your time! Check out the recipe here: http://herrundfrauhue.com/quinoa-sweetpotato-pancakes/.

And when you’re not busy in the kitchen which restaurants do you like to visit?

Another question which is difficult for us as there are so many but we especially love Meknes, an older Moroccan restaurant in Downtown Abu Dhabi and Inakaya at the Venetian Village, Ritz Carlton. But those are just two from a list of other great venues.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you take and why?

  1. Chocolate. Just because I can’t live without chocolate.
  2. A beach mat or a pillow to watch the beautiful sky at night.
  3. Each other.

If you could have dinner with a celebrity (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

We would choose Kofi Annan as our dinner guest because he did a lot for world peace and is still continues to do so. He is really inspiring and a smart person who we should all listen to.

And finally, where do you enjoy using your ENTERTAINER?

We love the ENTERTAINER as we get to try new restaurants and be inspired with activities. The ENTERTAINER makes it really easy to find great places close to you. Take a look at Jules and Timmes’ amazing blog here and keep an eye out for a little something special featuring Jules very soon. All we’ll say at this moment is it involves cake. Lots of cake!



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