Sit Down With The Sand Gypsy

There’s one lady who’s been on our radar for a while now and that is Sai, the face behind the hugely popular blog and Instagram account, The Sand Gypsy. Snapping and documenting her way through the best fashion trends, hottest spots in Dubai, travel destinations and more, it’s clear why The Sand Gypsy is so well-known.

Get to know the lovely Sai a little better with our Interview!

Hi Sai, how would you describe Dubai in three words?

Fast-paced, cosmopolitan, opulent.

Where is your favourite place in Dubai?

The beach, from JBR to Kite beach, I feel it’s the closest I can be with nature. Marina is my favourite area in Dubai. I love the restaurants, outdoor gyms and the unlimited list of hotels.

Who is your fashion inspiration ?

I wouldn’t say I have any inspiration to be honest, I know what I want and what makes me feel comfortable, and I stick to that. But when it comes to other fashionistas whose style resonates with my own I would have to say, Olivia Palermo, Eva Longoria and Gigi Hadid.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I would say very feminine. I notice that even when I’m wearing sneakers or combat boots, they come off as feminine. I also want to believe that it’s versatile. I try to adopt a new trend whilst making sure that it matches my personal style. However, if a new trend doesn’t match my style, I don’t wear it. Instead, I invest in pieces that are timeless.

What made you start blogging?

I’m creative at heart and I love taking landscape photos during my travels so I needed a space where I could share them. Secondly, I’m a Digital Marketer so my job is content generation and online PR. I help brands build their online reputation through social media. I thought, if I start blogging I’ll understand the industry better.

We love your photos! What are your top photography tips?

Lighting is a must (the best time to shoot is the golden hours – sunrise and sunset). Know your best angle, which doesn’t only mean your prettiest, it’s also the one you’re most comfortable in. Learn how to use editing tools like Lightroom, VSCO and understand how highlights and shadows work together. Even Beyonce edits her photos and that’s ok!

What are your top tips for a new blogger?

Before blogging, check your motivation. It’s important that you enjoy a certain aspect of it, whether it’s writing or photography. It should give you a buzz as that passion will give you an extra push to always try to be better.

Your favourite hobby/exercise classes?

Bikram Yoga! I’m addicted! I know every single studio in Dubai. My hobby would be reading and blogging! Both make me happy, though I spend more time blogging!

Where would you say your favourite country is?

Seychelles! I love the Seychelles, especially the main city Victoria. I love the landscape, the island’s rich marine life and simple way of life.

Where is your favourite place to use the ENTERTAINER?

The Butcher Shop & Grill, what can I say, I love steak and the restaurant is close to where I live.

Challenge your favourite social media blogger in Dubai for us to interview.

I challenge Diana, @sweatshirtsanddresses as she’s just moved to Dubai and it would be great to pick her brain on what she thinks about Dubai.

A huge thank you to Sai for taking the time to answer these questions! Make sure you check out her blog and follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of her amazing adventures, gorgeous outfits, and stunning backdrops!



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