A Festive Feast With the ENERTAINER’S Top Savers!

With a top executive chef who has lived in Dubai for 9 years and has massive amounts of experience creating lip-smacking dishes, Feast in the Sheraton Grand Hotel is something else.

So, naturally, we started wondering what their Christmas menu would be like. After all, Feast is best known for creating delicious international cuisine from the Western, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and South-East Asian world. Would they do just the traditional Christmas dinner of juicy turkeys, crisp roast potatoes, and yummy gravy or would they do things a little differently? Of course they do things differently, this is Feast we’re talking about! Yes, you can still expect your traditional Christmas dinner with endless supplies of yummy trimmings but you can also expect a festive twist on cuisine from around the world. Imagine Christmassy spices with some of your favourite dishes from across the globe and you get the idea.

With all of that on offer, we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate and treat all of the lovely people who have saved the most money with the ENTERTAINER. One of our guests has saved 17,000 AED. Now that’s amazing and deserving of a slap-up meal.

Here’s a little sneak peek at our evening out together.

Feast sheraton DubaiFeast at the Sheraton DubaiFeast at the Sheraton DubaiFeast at the Sheraton Dubai Feast at the Sheraton Dubai Feast at the Sheraton DubaiFeast at the Sheraton Dubaidsc_0029

A huge thank you to all of those that attended our event. We had a wonderful evening getting to know each and every one of you. Another thank you goes to Feast for making us feel so welcome and for serving us yummy food and refreshing drinks all night. Make sure you go and pay them a visit… Just wear your elasticated trousers!



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