Meet Our Territory Manager Dorina

As you all know we’ve been busy getting to know everyone who makes our community here in the UAE extra special. But we suddenly thought you’d also like to get to know the people who make the ENTERTAINER team amazing.

Meet Dorina, our Territory Manager for the GCC. Originally from Moldova but living in Dubai for 7 years this lady has seen Dubai go through some big changes. Get to know her a little better here.

Hi Dorina, how long have you lived in Dubai?

I have been in Dubai for seven years.

How long have you worked at the ENTERTAINER?

I have worked at the ENTERTAINER for three and a half years. When I joined the ENTERTAINER, working on the GCC products was really like working in a start-up environment, everything sat on my shoulders. It’s been challenging but in the end, it has been a really rewarding journey. I am proud of what has been achieved, proud of my team, the products we produce and growth of the company.

What does your role consist of?

I am Territory Manager for the GCC, the biggest markets in the GCC region are Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. Together with my team of six people, I am responsible for the sourcing of offers and creation of our products in each of these regions, dealing with merchant and customer issues and supporting the marketing of the product our team has created. In the last three years we have grown these regions significantly, and originally it was just me dedicated to the GCC region, now we have teams in each country—which is great. We now sell over 27,000 products!

What do you enjoy most about working at the ENTERTAINER?

We have a great team, a growing business and lots of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Plus, we get to know all the best 2 for 1 offers in the GCC!

What do you love most about living in Dubai?

It’s an exciting place to be as there is always a new place to go or see. When I first arrived here the Burj Khalifa wasn’t even built yet!

Where do you like to use your ENTERTAINER?

The great thing with the ENTERTAINER is there is always somewhere new to try—it encourages us to discover new places and that’s what we like the most. One of my favourites though is The Meat Co.

Your favourite country to visit?

I love spending time in Oman, it’s a perfect change of pace, it’s only an hour away, and the ENTERTAINER keeps the cost down. We probably go 5/6 times a year.

Your favourite restaurant here?

There are so many but for a  nice steak, it has to be The Meat Co and for Asian food, it has to be Karma Kafe.

Your favourite activity?

I spend a lot of time travelling, I’m an expert in Doha, Muscat and Bahrain. When I’m in Dubai I like to hit the beach and chill out.

Do you know of any hidden gems in Dubai?

I think the parks in Dubai are underrated. Al Barsha Park or Zabeel Park are a great alternative to the beach or pool.

Your favourite mini break from Dubai?

I go to Oman a lot but honestly I think if you live here there is so much to explore within a short drive or flight.

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Lesago Puso.

So, there you have it, one of our amazing friends and colleagues here at the ENTERTAINER. Stay tuned for more interviews with the people who make up our amazing office.



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