Top 3 Places To Dine This Week!

From satisfying your caffeine fix, to savouring some of the most palatable grills, we have a few picks that won’t disappoint. The next time your friends hit you up for recommendations, you won’t need to rack your brain to find fast answers to the best spots for a gastronomic spread. As always, you’re in good hands with the Entertainer app – now come with us to discover these places.

Assembly Ground

Coffee connoisseurs are missing out on a whole deal of awesomeness if they haven’t been to Assembly Ground – the perfect spot to catch up with friends over an aromatic cuppa. This cafe, located beside the lifestyle store, The Assembly, has an exquisite variety of coffee blends handpicked from the best local roasters. Even non-coffee aficionados can chill out and revel in the cafe ambience while tucking into hot favourites such as Umami Oven Baked Miso Fish.

Billy Bombers

Nothing beats indulging in a gorgeously glazed plate of signature BBQ ribs at Billy Bombers. This retro American diner-themed restaurant set in the nostalgic times of the 40s and 50s is probably the closest you can get to American soul food. The huge and hearty portions of succulent and sapid gourmet burgers will also leave you spoilt for choice.


There’s no way you won’t enjoy grilled food prepared by Buttergrill. Their signature herb-butter infused smokiness adds to the flavour of meats and seafood in simple yet significant ways – especially with 10 varieties of herb butter available – whetting your appetite for more. Located in Tanjong Pagar, the folks at this restaurant takes their craft seriously, which is why you should also be serious about savouring the finest grills here at Buttergrill.

Now, there you have it – all the reasons to grab your friends and head on down to these fantastic food places. Don’t let your Buy One Free One offers in your ENTERTAINER app go to waste!



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