Shape Up With Fitness Boot Camp DXB!

We’ve met the chefs, bartenders and the bloggers, but now get ready to get your sweat on!

Is there anyone more likely to get you to your fitness best than a former UAE Army instructor, an ex-member of the Egyptian national swimming team and a qualified nutritionist? We think not… Enter Mostafa Mersal, the founder, and all round Mr. Motivator at Fitness Boot Camp DXB.

We don’t think we’ve ever met such an inspiring trainer in our lives as Mostafa. He’s not worried if you’re unfit or if you can’t do that 10th push-up, he’s just pleased that you’re there and trying your hardest. Motivation is key for Mostafa and as long as you have that he’ll help you improve one day at a time to reach your fitness goals.

Get to know Mostafa better and see his class Fitness Boot Camp in action.

Time to raise that heart rate

This summer is the ideal opportunity to get fit! Take advantage of the 2 for 1 offers available with the ENTERTAINER on FBC DXB’s personal training sessions and their indoor and outdoor boot camp sessions. Also make sure to check out our video with Allie from Piloga, another top motivator who will have you in shape in no time!



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