How To Save R3000 In Cape Town in 1 Week

Cocktails on the promenade, ice cream on the beach, concerts in Kirstenbosch… summer is coming. And your wallet is panicking already. So, we thought we’d put it to the test: is it possible to have an epic festive season in Cape Town without breaking the bank?

Why yes, yes it is. Here’s how you can save R3000 in one week this summer, and have the BEST time doing it.

Monday: Drop-in yoga class at Yo Yoga

You need to burn off all those sundowners one way or another. Yo Yoga offers Bikram, Ashtanga and Flow classes, and you’ll save approximately R100 when you and a friend pull through for a drop-in class.

Tuesday: Dinner at Little Saint

Congrats, you made it through Monday! That calls for a celebratory dinner. Try out one of Bree Street’s newest darlings, Little Saint, for ridiculously good farm-to-table food. Buy two main meals and save about R110.

Wednesday: Sunset cruise with Cruise IQ

The sun is setting later and later. Why not take advantage of it with a casual mid-week cruise around the bay? You’ll save approximately R250 with their 2-for-1 Entertainer offer. Winning!

Thursday: A local show at Cape Town Comedy Club

There’s nothing like a great night out at the Comedy Club to start winding down your week. Pair up with your partner and expect to save around R100 on admission and another R100 on your main meals.

Friday: Clay pigeon shooting at Slaley Wine Estate

No one works on a Friday in Cape Town. Sneak out of the office a little early and head to Slaley for a spot of target practice! You’ll save an estimated R650 with their 2-for-1 Sportsman Shooting Package.

Saturday: Private lesson with Cape Town Surfing

Nothing like the thrill of mastering a new skill! Learn to ride a wave like a pro (or at least finally stand up on your board) and save R350 when you bring a buddy along.

Sunday: Massage and facial at Erinvale Hotel and Spa

The weekend’s been pretty awesome so far. Time to chill out with a little me-time, amiright? Call up a friend, head to Erinvale for a massage and facial, and save a whopping R1450.

Well, there you have it! You’ve saved a grand total of R3110 in just one week for being the coolest person we’ve ever met. Check out your Entertainer for even more ways to have fun this summer, without melting your credit card. You’re welcome.



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