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15 Ways To Travel With More Africa

If you’ve bought the Entertainer 2017 app on our early-bird special, you’ll know that it comes with More Africa for free (yay!). But what does this mean, exactly? Get ready for an epic year of travel across SA and beyond. As soon as the app goes live on the 3rd of Jan […]

Romantic Restaurants in South Africa
Romantic Restaurants In South Africa

We’re declaring February the M O N T H of love here at the ENTERTAINER. Why, you ask? Mainly because the 14th of February is an exclusion day so you can’t use your app, but also because you should be spreading the love every. single. day. Which is why we’ve […]

Steak Restaurants
16 Best Steak Restaurants In South Africa

Let’s be honest, there is nothing yummier than a juicy steak with your favourite sauce. South Africans have a love affair with steak. And when it comes down to it, with an extensive menu of the best steak restaurants and eateries serving mouth-watering meat, the ENTERTAINER doesn’t disappoint. Want to […]

Entertainer South Africa Is Here
The ENTERTAINER South Africa 2019 Is Here, Guys!

2018 has flown by and we can’t quite believe how fast 2019 is approaching! This means we’ll soon be getting ready for Christmas and New Year, but it also means one more, really exciting thing… the launch of ENTERTAINER South Africa 2019. That’s right, we’re bringing you our exclusive early bird […]

5 Visa-free countries South Africans Can Visit
5 Visa-Free Countries South Africans Can Visit

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to travel more. Especially after following these South African travel Instagramers. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It seems that planning a trip takes longer than the trip itself! Ok, not really, but it feels like it. Particularly after researching various visa applications […]

Celebrate South Africa This Weekend
Celebrate South Africa This Weekend

Today, while researching things to write about, I found out that this weekend is a long one. I haven’t even properly registered that it’s September! Where has the year gone?! You can only imagine my excitement as I made an announcement to the office (and of course they all knew […]

ENTERTAINER 2020: New Year, New App

If you don’t know what your New Year’s resolutions are yet, you better get thinking, guys. Because we’re not just nearing a new year, we’re nearing a new friggin’ decade. Quite a bit of pressure, right? Well, not to brag, but we’ve already set our resolution, spent the entire year […]

Explore Johannesburg and Pretoria
Explore Johannesburg And Pretoria This Weekend

I always thought that Cape Town had it all – cute markets to visit over the weekend, and art that envelops you as you walk down the street. I was one of those people who thought there was nothing to do in Johannesburg and Pretoria that even came close to […]